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In Flow actions: SharePoint: Update Item. Allow access to field types like hyperlink and image

If Flow is going to be a replacment for SharePoint Designer, it needs access to all list field types:

Hyperlinks, Lookups, People fields etc..

One of my favorite workflow actions is to build a Hyperlink field or a image field.  ="[URL], [TEXT]"

and assign it to a URL field type.  

Can't do it in Flow.

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Currently, Flow does not have the ability to write to hyperlink columns in SharePoint. Therefore, if for example a OneNote page is created from a new SharePoint list item, it is not possible to automatically add a link to the newly-created OneNote page in the SharePoint list. 

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Status changed to: Planned
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I believe my request would be a sub-request of the feature above. It would be great to have the properties of a hyperlink field exposed in Flow. In other words, I want to be able to set the url and display text in Flow for a particular list item hyperlink field. Currently you can set the value of a Sharepoint hyperlink field, but this value is assigned to both the url and display text.

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I agree, I've just tried to update a "Hyperlink" column in SharePoint using Flow but although I can set it, I cannot separately set the Display text.  It is possible to set the display text using SharePoint Designer  - see


Please add this capability to Flow.

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I too would like to have this feature. I see that we can no longer do customer HTML as that has been removed in SharePoint 365 so the next best thing to do is to have a flow to set the display text and url exactly as worded in original description.


To take it one step further, I would suggest to allow for a calculated field to create a hyperlink. That would be the easiest thing to do and something I would find very useful.

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It would be great to have qualifier information together with the URL, i.e. so that those that receive the URL (via email) can decide whether or not to follow the link. so possibility to include any related fields or meta tags would be very useful.

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 Does this still not work? I've just been trying it with that syntax and it just doesn't run.

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This would be really useful please add the option to add the display text for the hyperlink field in FLOW. Currently it defaults to the URL string and looks terrible in the list view when browsing items.

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@merwan What is the status of the request since it has been started?