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PA Community Post Guidance

As a fairly new member to the Power Automate Community, I've noticed that users who are looking for assistance often don't know how to properly GET that assistance. 

They have found the forum, sure, but they don't seem to know: 

1) How to describe their issue. 

2) What is needed by forum users to help them resolve it. 
3) How to communicate in a way that facilitates speedy and effective resolution.

I am not sure what functionality is present in the forum-tool that we are using for the Power Automate Community, but my idea is fairly simple: 

When creating a new post, have extra fields (or, if impossible, just default greyed out text in the message box) to guide them. Here are some examples of what that might look like:


  • "Please describe your OVERALL OBJECTIVE in a sentence: for example, 'to combine 2 SharePoint lists based on a name field and output to a spreadsheet.' or 'To get the top 3 revenues from 4 databases and email them to the oldest account manager in whatever format makes the most sense.'"
  • "Please provide screenshots of your current Flow, including one with the actions collapsed, and one (or more) with them expanded. Be sure to cover up any sensitive data!" 
  • "Please add any formulas you are using to the "notes" of your actions before screenshotting, OR, be sure to copy them clearly for the forum."
  • "How would you rate your Power Automate comfort / knowledge from 1 - 5?"
  • "Have you already searched for a resolution? What did you find that you've already looked at? Please post that so others can not repeat things you've already seen!"

Something like that.


Creating a new post in a forum full of people can be nerve-wracking when you're probably already stressed out about this dang flow that your boss wants you to do right now but you can't figure out... -- let's give them some guidance, instead of an empty "new post" page.

I'd also like to see something like: 


  • "Please remember that the people responding to you are volunteers doing this on their own time; show courtesy - say please, thank you, and remember that they are not paid and do not have to help you, they do not work for Microsoft."


Status: New