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Post Message to a 'Private' Channel as flow bot

Would like to be able to send a flow bot message to a private channel.

Status: Under Review

Updating this Idea to 'Under Review'.

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Hope this feature can be implemented soon, will be good to be able to send the approval card straight in the same channel

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I've run into this roadblock also! I was surprised to find I couldn't send confidential Forms results to committee members in a private channel. Security is important, as is automation and ease of use.


Thanks for considering it!


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Would be great if this was added, bit of a roadblock for our automation efforts.

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Please add the ability to use adaptive cards and Flow Bot in private channels! This is a great use case for automation, but you might have an approval that should only be responded to by a portion of a team (e.g., management). 

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Yes. This is needed please. It's a waste to have to create another channel just to post messages.

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Hi all, having just tested this, whilst the feature is not available as the flow bot, you can post messages to private channels as a user who is an existing member of said private channel.  There are two working actions as follows:






Please note, if you attempt to send a message as the flow bot you will receive an error:


Request to the Bot framework failed with error: '{"error":{"code":"BotNotInConversationRoster","message":"The bot is not part of the conversation roster."}}'.


Have fun 😀



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I really wish FlowBot could post to private channels.  As a workaround, I've got a notification flow posting as myself.  This means everybody except me gets a notification about a change to a particular file set.  I've had to set up a parallel action to have FlowBot send me a chat notification.  This really shouldn't be necessary.

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@DamoBird365 thank you - never thought of changing the 'Post As' to 'User'. Life saver, thank you!

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This would be a great addition to the toolkit and seems like it would be an easy fix/win for the MSFT team. There are instances in which I need to post to a private channel as I have several different channels set up for different automated solutions that need to be restricted to one or more users.

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original post was 2 years ago, is there no update on this? cant believe this error still exists!