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Trigger from Microsoft Teams

Currently Microsoft Teams integration with Flow is available in terms of "actions" ( It would be useful to be able to have "triggers" from Microsoft Teams to enable scenarios such as "when a new message is posted in a channel" take "some" action...

Status: Completed

The Teams connector now supports triggers. You can read about these new triggers here:

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it would be good to create a template in Flow which as the following elements:


Trigger: incoming email

Action: the sender of the email is added to a specific group in Teams



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Add Teams for triggers and actions

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My Use Case


- as in Sharepoint, want to create a new Team for each new Opportunity

- ideally, associate the same Team files in Sharepoint path as default one in Dynamics documents

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+1 A trigger based on new messages posted in Teams would be very useful. 

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We use this with Slack to populate Google Sheets automatically with the message contents and meta data (user name, date stamp, etc).  Being able to do with this Flows and SharePoint excel doc would allow us to migrate our department to Microsoft Teams from Slack.



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I would like to have a trigger for new member joining a team that I own

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I would like a Teams trigger for new activity alerts.

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+1 A trigger based on "Save this message" -> for automated task creation

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+1 I would like to see a trigger in Team when a new channel is created, add the folder for the channel in sharepoint and add some addition folders in channel folder. Also, I would like to copy files onto sharepoint sub-folder from Teams which should trigger a workflow for approval or provide the status back to Team channel.

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Ability to tirgger a flow when a keyword is entered into a Team channel. e.g. Prioity1/ P1 - then trigger a flow.