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Confirmed Success - 5 star rating display

The confirmed success has 5 star rating, which get displayed as 5 star in chatbot test window in PVA. But when you host the bot in channel, the 5 star rating comes in text format (Select rating 1 to 5). Why is this change in format, I would prefer 5 star display. 

Also 5 star is only available in confirmed success, I should get that block to insert anywhere else based on my logic.  

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Here is the display.



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Dear Dileepnirala, I understand when attempting to publish on channel TEAMS the 5 five star feedback rating, it publishes as plain text instead of a block of stars. correct?


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Hi FranciscoH
I have the exact same issue with the missing five star rating.  only text.

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I would also like to see a change in the behavior of Teams so that it can be rated with a 5-star rating instead of a text rating.

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Hi, I'm interested in the same behaviour right now.

Could this theme be changed or modified?

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We have the same experience with the 5-star rating changing format from testing to published.  The 1 - 5 text used for the bot.CSAT Rating isn't as clear as clicking on a star to indicate satisfaction.  We cannot make any changes to the variable properties of the system topic.  Please advise.  

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Estou com o mesmo problema, quero a classificação de 5 estrelas e não a classificação em texto.

Poderiam modificar essa configuração?



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quer dizer, configuração de classificação em emojis estrelas?

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Gostava de poder configurar ou carregar os meus emojis de satisfação


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