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Create a Master bot and redirect to another bots - Power Virtual Agents



We want to create a master bot and depending on the condition, we redirect to another bot.



Master PVA bot get user input.

Master PVA, provide user authentication using existing PVA capabilities. and, flows out in 2 paths.

  • If user token is received -
  • If user token is not received.

Based on some information present in a token, master will call respective Child PVA bot. For example, if in JWT token user belongs to 'HR group', master will send user to HR PVA bot.



Status: New

I guess what you could do today is have a topic where your main PVA bot recommends/suggests other PVA bots. The answer would include a clickable hyperlink or clickable button that opens the other PVA bot in the same tenant?...<AppID >

Not perfect perhaps but would work

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On the idea of languages in bots, I have a PVA translator bot that uses Azure translation services, no need for a separate bot.  You do have to pay for an Azure account, but we use that anyway.





Very interesting! I like it.

Would you mind explaining the user experience? 
Your PVA is in English, but the user can ask in another language and get answers in that language?
Are there any limitations you see?

Did you add instructions on this in your PVA bot greeting message or any other smart tips?

Thanks for sharing! 🤗

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The user just starts typing a question in a language, the bot detects the language, translates to English, asks question and receives answer, then translates back from English to the detected language.  I do detect a sub-second delay, but it is worthwhile.  Actually, my bot is in QnAmaker, not PVA, but the automation goes through PVA.  In my use case, the user asks for a translation then follows a path to the translation bot.  If I was doing it all within PVA, I would probably branch, if they ask a question in English follow the normal path, if they detect another language, follow the other path.

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Each service line could manage their own Topics. These individual child bots could be located on service-line specific pages. AND the master/parent bot could be on the front end to call the child bots as needed. ex: Do you want information on Service Line 1 or Service Line 2? .... Each child bot could have a unique icon that represents the service line. 

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Great idea, @ErikOlsson do you plan to add redirecting to other bots? That feature would be so useful!


@imool - I guess you mean my idea of redirecting users from one bot to another by just adding clickable links in answers when appropriate(?)

Here you can see it in action. Two separate PVA bots. One in English and one in French.
Here you can see a 2 min video 🎬 of the end user experience.
(The user is redirected from one PVA-bot to another in Teams with just a basic URL)

Hope that helps. It's by far the easiest option.

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@ErikOlsson Thanks for the video. Is that PVA? What channel did you publish to? The user interface is quite different than I'm accustom to. .... Anyway. Is each language a different bot? How technically are you directing dialog to a different bot? Thanks. 



Yes those are PVA-bots being used in Microsoft Teams. (I have Dark Mode on in Teams).

Yes, each language is a different bot.

The url simply opens the bot (French version in the video) when the user clicks on it.
It's a remarkably simple workaround, but simple is nice.

You can get the free PVA bot "Timon" [Team On 😉] via landing page or straight via Github at 

It answers user questions. Mainly about Microsoft Teams.
Hope that helps.