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Increase timeout when using a flow action in Power Virtual Agents

When using a Flow action with Power Virtual Agents the timeout to respond to the agent is only 90 seconds until the action is running in a timeout error. The timeout is much to short especially when you use UI Flows. 


Timeout should be configurable for the environment to handle more complex flow actions.  

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I remember hitting this issue and at least getting a better error message from inside the topic would help.  I might not be remembering correctly but IIRC I had to guess to resolve.

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I second this ...... needs to be a good few minutes for complex flows. Does anyone know if you build your own application via the bot framework and not use power virtual agent is this a customisable value?

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I see two major problems at the moment:

1. The time out needs to be longer - it would be best if we are able to set this

2. I would like to be able to post my own Error message following a time out


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I have a flow called from PVA that has a do until loop inside. This has a timeout setting period which can be set to  hours if required. Whilst hours is excessive a few minutes is not.


I need about 5-7 minutes for the complex flow to run, but as I can't see any way to adjust the PVA-> PA timeout setting beyond the default 120 seconds it means that the do until is basically unusable in conjunction with an agent.


The error message reported back to the user is terrible as it looks like a bug. I agree that this should be able to be configured to suit the application - at least it gives a chance to explain what has happened in a user friendly way



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I have a flow that allows the user to request a check in timer. The user is reminded by the Chatbot to update a company portal every 15 minutes for an internal procedure we have at my organization. This timeout limitation has rendered this feature useless which is a bummer as it was well received by the team when proposed and they were really looking forward to it.

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Same thing with this issue.

I guess we need longer timeout then have at this moment.

I have small form in PVA with adaptive cards, and users can't fill it and my flow every time get timeout error.