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Hide the "multiple choice options" from user

I'm currently building a chatbot to direct colleagues to qualified personnel to assist them with different types of technical questions. I want the user to feel like they can simply type in the equipment that they need technical assistance on rather than selecting from a pre-defined options menu. I believe this will provide a more seamless experience from the users end and will help facilitate a more widespread adoption of my chatbot.


When my chatbot issues the question "what equipment do you need assistance with?" I want to have a wide ranging pre-defined set of answers that would point to the same variable. Since there is no synonyms option for "users entire response" I'm using the "multiple choice options". This accomplishes what I was setting out to do and works flawlessly. However, when testing the bot I noticed that it lists the "multiple choice options" in the chat with the user. My fear is that the user is going to think they have to pick from one of the pre-defined answers on their screen rather than just type in what they need.


This is an issue because in our industry the names for different equipment varies wildly in the field and what I have the variable set at may not be familiar to the user. If the user simply types in what they call the equipment and I have that set to a synonym then it executes perfectly with no need for the multiple choice options appearing on the screen and potentially causing confusion to the user.


In closing: I think it would be nice to have the option to hide the multiple choice options from the user who is chatting with the bot.

Status: New