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Help using Flow to update row in Excel



I have set up flow with Excel to send an email when the 'Status' of a cell is set to "Open".


I have also set up a column called 'Receipt' to automatically update with the text "Email Sent" as soon as an email is sent for that particular row. This is to avoid resending an email for the same row repeatedly.


The problem for me is when I'm using the "update a row" action, it only seems to update the first row with the text "Email Sent" and not any subsequent rows. I am not sure how to fix this, can someone please help?


See flow, link below:


Thanks in advance!



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OK, I got it!


The problem was the "Key Value" was same for all the rows and so it was only updating the first row. I now changed the Key Column to "#" which contains unique serial numbers and Key Value to dynamic '#' and it works.

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @mowgli512,


I afraid that your flow run failed because you fill in the string "Email Sent" in the "Key Value" field in the "Update a row" action, however, the "Receipt" column values are not always "Email Sent".


Please enter the "Receipt" dynamic content of the "List rows present in a table" action in the "Key Value" field.




Best regards,


Hi Alice,


Just tried it, but it seems to only update "Email Sent" in the first row. When the check is running on the second row for instance, the first row cell gets updated instead of the second row cell.

Hi @mowgli512,


The Key Column couldn't be modified.


If you would modify the "Receipt" column, you could update the Key Column to "Status" and modify the Key Value to "Status" dynamic content on your side:



Please let me know if your problem could be solved.


Best regards,


Tried this now, but "Email Sent" is only getting updated in the first row and not for any subsequent rows.

Hi @mowgli512,


It works on my side.

Please share the screenshot of the configuration of your flow.


Best regards,


There you go.



Hi @mowgli512,


Your flow looks with no problem,


Please check from the run history of your flow to see if every row has run in to the If no branch of your Condition2.

Also Please take a try to remove all condition to check if it works.



Best regards,


I have checked the flow history and it shows successful – reason being it updates the cell in row 1 instead of row 2.

I have even tried removing one condition and I still have the same issue.


How can I get 'update row' to update a cell in the current row instead of the first row?


See flow history for row2 below:

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 2.22.57 PM.png

OK, I got it!


The problem was the "Key Value" was same for all the rows and so it was only updating the first row. I now changed the Key Column to "#" which contains unique serial numbers and Key Value to dynamic '#' and it works.

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Hi mowgli512

U can share how stayed your flow ?

I have created a sharepoint form where responses are saved to an excel file. However, I would like to allow respondents to come back to the form, quote the ID and provide updated responses by using Update row in excel (in microsoft flow).


The updated responses should get saved in the same row with that ID, but I can't figure out how to do that.


For e.g. the form has the following fields:

1. ID (assigned by sharepoint form)

2. Type of query


3. Indicate ID (if you have filled in the form previously)

4. Pls provide more details on the query

5. Have the query been resolved to your satisfaction?


Respondents first fill in Questions 1 and 2 and submit the form.

Responses get written to the excel file

1 month later, respondents need to update questions 4 and 5 by providing the previous ID given to them.

How do I get the responses for questions 4 and 5 updated into the same row with that ID? I know I can use sharepoint list but I am trying to avoid that as my form is much longer than this.Capture.PNG

Unfortunately I could not get the solution posted to work. any ideas what I might be doing wrong? See flow here:


The field # currently contains unique serial numbers. I would like it to contain a timestamp of the time the flow was run after an email is sent


Thanks for the help!


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Can you please share your solution here.

Thank you.

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Same problem .....




No found row found but I can find this row in my preview request.....

help, please ?

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