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Impactful Individual

Issue getting items from SharePoint List due to threshold limits

Hi all.


I understand SharePoint thresholds in detail, so please don't educate me on those.  This is for SharePoint online with automated indexes and also other manually created indexes...


ok, so I have some lists that have over 5000 items.


But I've never had an issue in Flow getting items and just specifying a high number for the Top number of items to return.


Today for some reason this is no longer working.  I'm getting flow errors saying the threshold is restricting from getting items and it just fails.


"The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator."


So my questions are:

a.) Anyone else unexpectedly seeing this?

b.) Is this a change on Microsoft's side to either SharePoint of Power Automate?

c.) If not on Microsoft's side what can I change on my side?


I do have many other lists too with more than 5000 items (just part of being in a large company) I have to be able to use flow to retrieve items.




Helper I
Helper I

@Mattw112IG I am not certain if this is a change on Microsoft's end or not, but are you by chance doing an apply to each in the flow? If so, and your SP list contains over 5000 records then you could be maxing out your API calls per 24 hours. Do you know what Power Automate plan you are on? I just had something similar happen in our Environment because I was comparing 2 SQL tables where 1 table had 111 records and the other had 67000 records. According to Microsoft and supporting documentation, I well exceeded my 5000 api calls per 24 hrs! You had also mentioned you are increasing the threshold. Are you referring to increasing the Pagination Threshold? Just wanted to check there. 



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