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Get my profile fails



When trying the built-in template "SharePoint item added", the "get my profile step" fails.


I haven't figured out yet how to troubleshoot this properly...





PowerApps Staff Samuel
PowerApps Staff

Re: Get my profile fails

The debugging experience is much richer in the Flow portal (vs PowerApps portal). You look for the same flow run at and you can click through to see which step failed and why.

Flow Staff Sunay
Flow Staff

Re: Get my profile fails

This should be working now. Please let us know if this continues to error out for you. 

Level: Powered On

Re: Get my profile fails

I have created a basic Flow attached to a PowerApp. The Flow only has a "When a control is selected", which is attached to a button in the app, and a Get My Profile action. When testing the app, using my credentials in the Office 365 Users connection, I get one successful attempt. Then every attempt subsequent fails with an error message "The authentication credentials are not valid".


The following is the error message in the Flow:


PowerApps Staff Samuel
PowerApps Staff

Re: Get my profile fails

The error copied from the Flow looks like a known issue we're fixing (basically, flows triggered from a PowerApp must be created from the PowerApps website). If you create a new manually triggered Flow from the PowerApps website, this error should go away.