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Set up custom domain with Power Pages/Portal

Scenario: Point to

I'm looking to add a custom domain to my power portal/pages. My domain provider is GoDaddy.

I've added the CNAME but its not propagating through because (according to GoDaddy) I don't have a A record added.


What should the A record be as MS has no documentation on this other than adding a CNAME record. Should I be adding any extra DNS records?




Hi @safwankarim , every DNS provider uses a different system to manage your DNS records, so Microsoft cannot provide instructions. Please refer to your DNS provider for further details.


You may want to take a look at this thread to see how others resolved their DNS issues, but keep in mind that their provider may be different than yours.


Some providers won't let you set up an `@` CNAME (see this article explaining why), but will automatically redirect your top-level domain (TLD) to the `www` CNAME record.


I hope this helps?

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Hi @hugobernier, thanks for your reply!

I saw the post you are referring to. Let me check with GoDaddy to see what advice they can provide. I'll follow up on this thread once I have more details from them.

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Hi @safwankarim 


You should have one entry with CNAME added as per the old thread. Once added you have to wait, in some cases, it was 24 hours and then you are good to go. 


Hope it helps. 

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That is kind of a BS answer.  I am talking directly to my DNS provider right now and he says that we need (or should have) at least one actual IP address for the A record which should be provided by my hosting provider (in this case Microsoft Power Pages).  Now that might not be correct but it is what they are telling their customers.  My guy is telling me that if Microsoft doesn't provide explicit instructions for the A record, then I might want to try adding an ALIAS record.  Ah, the old MIcrosoft "trial and error" approach to documentation that is a holdover from the "bad old Microsoft" days.🤣  Then again, for those of us who have suffered through the realities of the Power Platform over the past 6 years, this is just par for the course.  Eventually, someone will do a LinkedIn post explaining it all.


There are a number of well known DNS providers (like GoDaddy and DirectNIC) and it should be incumbent on Microsoft to provide correct DNS settings for a few of these services, if only so that we (users) have some examples of this to talk through when we talk to our DNS providers.


I am in the process of moving my websites from Wix to Power Pages.  I would expect that this is a pretty common scenario or at least it will be if Power Pages is successful.  I am also moving the DNS hosting back from Wix where it has been for a few years to DirectNIC (where my domain is purchased) and so I am not just getting the website working but some additional domain names that I own that need to point to the new Power Pages site too as well as my MX records.  


It would be useful and I would expect "table stakes" for Microsoft to put just a little more time and energy into documentation for common scenarios to, for once in its life, not make its users use trial and error and a hundred phone calls to different support sites.

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