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Massively Frustrating and Useless!!!!

I have no idea how you dare to suggest that this whole PowerApps / Flows / Sharepoint business is in anyway user friendly enough for any user to use.  I am a database developer for a living, and I can't get any of it to work.  It's a complete and utter joke!


All I want to do is create a PowerApp page with a button that uploads a local file to OneDrive.  There are zero templates offering this very simple concept, and when I try to build it from scratch it asks for completely undefined parameters and there are absolutely no instructions or useful information anywhere to be found.  You have developed all these little seperate interconnecting programs, that only serve to make everything that much more inconvenient.  Please Help!  Please design something I can use!  

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Re: Massively Frustrating and Useless!!!!

Hi @BenFrustration,


Sorry you're having a difficult time with the product.


Where is the source of the local file? Will it be on your PC, or on the device running the PowerApp? Presumably the latter. Here are a few templates that hopefully will help. They're not quite what you're looking for, but may give you a few ideas:


Hope that helps.