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Dynamic UI Element (Use variable) Desktop

Ok short but sweet. how the heck do you use a variable in the selector builder?, it seems not to parse it and is unable to find window.  To replicate


-Create a desktop flow

-Open a blank Excel doc

-Capture something from toolbar and click it

-Try running - runs fine

-create a variable with your workbook name (Book1)

-Now alter the UI element to use name and process

-Alter name to be contains with the value as your variable i.e. %MyWorkBookName%

-the connector should look like this:

:desktop > window[Name*="%ExcelWorkBookName%"][Process="EXCEL"]

-Now save it

-Try running - watch in amazement as it cant find the window


Any help appreciated!The story is I have many excel docs which have repeatable actions - i want 1 subflow per action that i can just pass workbook name to...


That siad i would love to call a different flow (not sub flow) although seems not possible in desktop, and even if it was the above issue still makes it impossible to have a modular approach!


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I have the same question. 

Super User
Super User

Hi @tweeter103 


Using variables in the selector works perfectly fine.

Please make sure you are using the "Custom" toggle button.


Also check this link



I am passing XYZ.xlsx to the MyWBName variable



New Member


Thank you and sorry for slow response.

You are indeed quite correct, and it is straightforward.

My problem was I had the "" and %% inside out.

"%VariableName%" works correctly

Thanks again.


Helper II
Helper II

I'm using variable to Attribute value. However, in text editor / preview Selector, the attribute name 'Ordinal" is not populating : 



The flow is not using the dynamic value from the variable. Do we have any other reason here?



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