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Alphabetize On-Demand Workflows list to run from Flow Command in Model Driven Apps

As we are transitioning users from the classic interface to the Unified Interface we are finding a pain point when working with on-demand workflows. This particular group has a large number of on-demand workflows that they use frequently.


Classic Experience:

  • Select Record
  • Select "Run Workflow"
  • See list of on-demand workflows for that entity (not alphabetical but there is another idea for this)
  • Ability to sort and search for the right workflow

Unified Interface Experience:

  • Select record
  • Select "Flow"
  • List of Flows and On-Demand workflows are displayed as a list. This is not sorted, no option to search or filter.

We would like this list to be in alphabetical order to help the team find what they need.



Classic Interface: Search box, sort by selecting column headers



Unified Interface: 


Status: New