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Barcode Scanner Support for Windows

Just would like to know when support for "Modern" barcode scanner will support Windows 10.  

Getting Messages Like "Use Android or iOS device" really doesn't make sense or help my business case. 


Building an APP that scans UPS/Fedex/Purolator shipping labels and the "Web Barcode Scanner" is obsolete and fails significantly on these types of barcodes. 

There is additional requirements but this is the first part of the program.


I've add a support request as well cause consistency across platforms matters.

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1,5 years later and still on support for Microsoft's own platform. I feel betrayed.

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Had to resort to getting addon hardware

Older version of below for our project

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Hi @knoseworthy_sjc - are you saying that you had to buy the Honeywell High Performance Barcode Scanner module in order to scan from Windows 10? It seems nuts to have to do that. I'm going to have to advise our customers to go iOS or Android I think.

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This is the reason why now many of us going for Android or IOS tablets in the industry.


How can it be that a Microsoft surface Tablet does NOT support the "modern" barcode scanner from Microsoft PowerApps??? 😖



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Yes, it's driving me crazy.  Wanted the Surface tablet for other Windows features and support. Vs android.  Better multitasking etc.  So had to attach scanners.

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5 months passed and here we are!! still nothing........😅

@M2CE that is SO TRUE!!!!

It's just crazy that they don't look at this!!! 

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I keep wondering they don't want to lose 3rd parties like 

Rugged Tablets w/ Barcode Scanner - Windows & Android | MobileDemand (

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@knoseworthy_sjc  that is exactly what I was thinking!!!!!!!!! just didn't say it out loud lol but it looks like they may earn a good bit from them. Can't think of other reasons not to do it.

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@JessiB I still don't see it as competition - the 3rd party makes a easier to use in bulk situations - warehouse etc - and I would still have gotten it in part of my project.  -but not supporting native on their own devices while supporting it on apple/android for the smaller simpler projects just very odd