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To hide exemples, it's complicated to use mobile application, We need to browse too much applications to find my app. Not usable at this time for users too much unusefull things displayed. Exemples are not usefull for end-user.

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Power Apps



PowerApps will automatically switch the filter to "My Apps" if you have your own apps and thereby filter out the sample apps.  In addition, when the user changes the filter to let's say "My Apps", it persists between sessions and the user will not see sample apps again.  I hope this helps.




New Member

Hi Chris,


Thanks for your reply.


For me it's not a real problem, but for all poeple in the company it's a problem. When an other user use PowerApps, he see all exemples available ... it's not clean and no one understands why they should have unnecessary applications displayed on the screen.


For others poeple than me, My Apps is empty, they need to use Filter All to find it ... .and use favorite button to storing it in a good place ... but it's not very intuitive for lot of poeple.





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