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JSON decode

Have a way to take a custom connector that produces a JSON response and parse it into individual peices.  As a workaround, provide a function to take a JSON response and extract values.

Status: Need Info

See question below posted by @archanan

Power Apps

Hi - can you provide some more details around this ask? An example of what you are trying to accomplish would be helpful.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Need Info

See question below posted by @archanan

Frequent Visitor

Hi @Audrie-MSFT - maybe @pturner was asking for is similiar to the Split function. The Split function converts a delimited string into a single-column table. Can we have a new function that can convert JSON text/string to multi-column table?



Advocate IV

There is a connector in flow that will parse a JSON object.  If you select the Parse JSON action in Data Operations.

Advocate I

I would very much like an ability to parse JSON within PowerApps, too. 


My use case would be to store table-like data in SharePoint lists. 

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It would be great to be able to create a Record from a JSON string received from a Flow for example. In fact, the exact opposite of the new JSON() function that creates a JSON string from an object. @Audrie-MSFT maybe something exists already ?



Advocate IV

It would be superb if I could build a collection from JSON formatted text.


Like ClearCollect(colMyCollection, varJSONtxt)


Where varJSONtxt is a string containing JSON formatted text. With this feature, it could be possible to store collections into SharePoint list text column as JSON. And load data back to PowerApps!