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Keyboard Shortcut Canvas Apps to Open/Close Expression editor and Property Selector

Keyboard shortcuts are great and Canvas apps have really useful ones which can be found here:

However, when you are constantly switching back and forth between the canvas and the expression editor at the top, you usually need to click on the arrow to minimise/close the expression editor. This is inefficient. It would be great if we could get a new keyboard shortcut to close and open/expand (to max size or a set size) the expression editor. This would enable us to go from writing an expression, to the canvas (where we can tab through controls if needed) or click, then expand the editor again and continue writing expressions. 

It would also be useful to have a shortcut to open/select the properties option set as well, allowing us to switch between things like onChange to onSelect, onVisible, Width etc, then quickly jump back to the expression editor to update the expression.

Status: New