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Power App DOESN'T support Repeating Section

We have developped a power app to manage "Travel Requests".

We wanted to add itineraries (flight, Train,  Bus, Hotel) to travel request which is repeating in nature.

However Power App doesn't support Repeating Sections. Is Microsoft planning to include this in Power Apps ?

If YES, tentatively by when will it be available for developers. 

I think, this is MUST & critically needed to address most of the business needs in day today life.

Will appreciate your early response on this !

Status: Under Review

Would you please take a look at this webinar in the meantime? It's where we discuss how this is done in PowerApps.


Thank you for your continued feedback and support,


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This is much needed feature.

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This is required features for most of our projects in the organization.

Appreciate if it can be released as soon as possible

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I fully agree, most business forms have sections that are repeated, currently PowerApps does not support this which means we need workarounds to show the information to a user reviewing / approving forms.
The only way for us is to continue using Nintex forms.

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A native control for a repeating section would be nice.


If you are looking for a temporary solution, you can achieve a similar feature trying these steps:

  1. Create a table of whole numbers from 1 to n in a single  column 'Number,' where n is the maximum number of repeats you would ever expect, or just a very large number. This table will be used to determine how many rows are shown in the repeating section. Add the table to PowerApps as static data source.

    I wish there were a way to create a series of numbers within PowerApps, but that's a conversation for another time.

  2. Create a button that will add another row:
    Set(varSection,Max(repeatingSection,Number)+1); Collect(repeatingSection,Filter(wholeNumbers,Number=varSection))

    This means that each time you select the Button, it will change the variable varSection to be one more than the highest Number in the collection repeatingSection. That number is collected to repeatingSection, which is just a collection of whole numbers that designate rows in the repeating section. 

    wholeNumbers is the name of your table of whole numbers. In my sample app file at the bottom, mine is called Primes.

  3. Set a gallery's items to show the numbers from the repeatingSection collection.

  4. There's a few ways to proceed from here on how to remove a number from repeatingSection. You can program the removal of records using Remove(). You can program the filtering of records with 'removed' records disabled or hidden. Or you can do both. I'll be keeping it simple by programming Remove().

  5. Inside the gallery, add an X or trash can icon to represent removal. When the user selects the icon for a given record, that record will be removed. Since we defined the varSection variable to reference the highest number in the collection anyway, we won't have problems with gaps from missing numbers.


    Both formulas do the same thing. 

  6. Add whatever text and controls you want to the gallery.

  7. If you are using this repeating section in a form and you want a record saved for each number in repeatingSection, I recommend using ForAll() and Patch() to save your data back to the datasource.

    If you only want one record saved with all the data from the repeatingSection included, you might try the Concat() function with commas. I recall reading a blog where someone showed that.


Here is a sample app that has the scheme for a repeating section. 




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thanks, we are looking into this !

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this is much needed feature. please have this ASAP.

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I think work has already started on this please check this link.


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Hi @mr-dang,


Thanks for your reply.


As we are willing to save the data into sharepoint list, we considered 7th point only.


We can not store repeating values in single field(comma separated) as they will be difficult to manage and will require lot of processing on every request.




We have used patch method with other helping SP lists in our implementation.

Just wanted to check if there is any other option available to store repeating section info in single list item.





Power Automate
Status changed to: Need Info

Would you please take a look at this webinar? It's where we discuss how this is done in PowerApps. Please let us know if this means your requirements.


Thank you for your continued feedback and support,



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A repeating section can already be created by inserting a gallery and properly filtering the Items.

Send me a private message if you want details.