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SQL Jobs Bug

Author Name: Frank Grimberg

SQL Server Jobs MSCRM_CONFIG.HardDelete and MSCRM_CONFIG.SiteWideCleanup will never execute the stored procedure unless the database is being mirrored.

Current code in Job
if exists (select * from sys.database_mirroring where mirroring_role = 1 and database_id = DB_ID('MSCRM_CONFIG')) begin exec('use MSCRM_CONFIG; exec p_HardDelete') end

If the MSCRM_CONFIG is not mirrored the value in mirroring_role is null.
I am not sure these jobs really matter - but just an FYI.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Thanks for the feedback this product suggestion looks like it is a bug not a suggestion. We have made note of the issue, this item will be closed out as postponed and this is a bug not a feature. Please use the following link to enter a support case if you would like to make sure to have the issue tracked more closely. Thanks for the feedback. Larry