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Send us your ideas on Power Apps for Teams

Hi everyone!


For Ignite this year, we are very excited to make Power Apps for Teams available for public preview. It's where you can create and manage Power Apps all within Microsoft Teams. For more details, please see this post announcing the launch.




We look forward to seeing your ideas here on new features to add and how we can to make this experience better!


Joseph Shum

Product Manager

Microsoft Power Apps

Status: New
Regular Visitor

The one thing I determined almost immediately after starting to use the new Power Apps for Teams app is that it needs the ability to pop-out as a separate window!


Being that Teams is a primary communication platform now it's frustrating to have to leave the Power Apps app to check a message or chat someone and then have to go launch the Power Apps for Teams app again.  You end up completely losing context as you have to launch not just the Power Apps app again, but you have to find the app you were working on and launch back into the editing mode.


This new app needs the ability to pop-out.... either that or allow these new Teams apps to be built in the normal web interface.