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Entity form - Liquid and JavaScript - issue with JS disabled on browser



I have implemented a web page with Entity form and it has a radio button field. 


When user clicks on 'Yes', I want to display a message in <span> tag just below the field.

I don't want to keep everything in Javascript, because if JS is disabled on user browser, then below logic is not going to work. 


I want to use liquid AND javascript for that reason. Below is my javascript function and I'm not sure how I can use Liquid here to set span tag. 


$(document).ready(function () {
 $("#cr157_language").val("{{ portallanguage }}");
 $("#cr157_allergy input[type=radio]").change(radiobuttonChange3a);
function radiobuttonChange3a()
            var language = window.location.href;        
          if (document.getElementById("cr157_allergy_0").checked)
                    alert("English message");  // SET SPAN tag using liquid
                    alert("Other message");  // SET SPAN tag using liquid



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

With javascript use jQuery to append the span and then to show/hide it inside your on change function


$( "#fieldschemaname" ).parent().append( "<span>Test</span>" );





Without JavaScript, you pretty much are limited e.g. you cannot pick up an onchange event.  And the Liquid doesn't have a redirect available from the template.  I can't think of a viable way to do what you want other than putting "You need to have JavaScript enabled to use this site" if it is not enabled.


Only way I could think of was if you had a standard submit button wrapped in html Form tag and in its 'action=' point to another page - but what you have is sitting on a standard Entity Form then this button would need to sit above or below the form details (as you don't have direct access inside the Entity form area without JavaScript - and the field is already inside a form submit).


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Hi @MittalPatel I am not sure what's the difference between this post and this?:


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