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Organize controls in left navigation pane

It would be cool, if you were able to reorder the controls in the left navigation pane. 

A simple "Move up" / "Move Down" like it is implemented for screens would be very helpful.


Best Regards


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The controls are ordered with a send forward/send backwards already

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Hi @zwiding,


It's good to know that it works, but this cannot by nothing more than a workaround (in my opinion...).


I see no reason why the "Z-Order" of controls on the screen should have influences to the order of apperance in the control-tree.



The layer of the control on the screen is just design.


Best regards




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I'd rather it be drag and drop then for order on the side bar

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Yes, this would be great! I will forget and try to rearrange controls via the pane on the left, which would work in most UI designing technologies.

Level 8

You can order controls in the left pane by selecting them, holding CTRL + UP and DOWN ARROW keys. The only element you cannot move up and down are Data Cards (form fields).


EDIT: 8/3/18: This is no longer possible! Weird. First time i've seen functionality REMOVED from PowerApps.

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BUMP!! Yes this would be a super useful functionality.