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Bug - SharePoint Flow Move File action changes ID

I am trying to automate document archival and I need to move files to other folders and subfolders within a document library and keep the same unique ID given by SharePoint to the file when uploaded/created.  When I use the Move file flow action the file is given a new ID increased by 3 from the orginal ID (ex original file ID is 1401, moved file ID is 1404).  When the move is complete the original file ID is not in the SharePoint document library (i.e. file ID 1401 no longer exists).  The moved file appears as a new file due to the new ID and triggers other flows and causes issues with duplicating records.  I use the ID as a unique identifier for tracking files in Excel and databases.  What do I need to do to be able to move the file and keep the same file ID?


I provided below a sample flow that I used to test the move file action. Below are also screenshots of a test where a file was uploaded to folder 0_RECEIVED SharePoint assigned it ID 1401. After the flow executes the move file to folder RECEIVED_ARCHIVE the file ID is now 1404.


What do I need to do to be able to move the file and keep the same file ID?  I cannot not use a copy and delete or create and delete actions since I must keep all document history and the same ID for the file in the document library.  


Capture-fileid original.PNGCapture-fileidmoved.PNG




Please help!


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @gbr,


I have made a test on my side and the issue is confirmed on my side.


You couldn't move the file in sharepoint library and keep the same file ID in microsoft flow currently.


If you want to move the file in sharepoint library and keep the same file ID in microsoft flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


Best regards,




Thank you for the response.


Conclusion... the flow action of Move file for SharePoint does not work in a similar way as the "Move to" command in SharePoint libraries as descrided in Microsoft's documentation.  The flow action Move files is actually a copy and delete original; that is very different from the "Move to" command.  I confirmed it is a copy and delete by turn on admin logging and reviewed the log when I performed a test.


Here is a link to Microsoft's documentation and further down is a copy of the description for the action.

Move file

Moves a file. Works in a similar way to the "Move to" command in SharePoint libraries. Returns information about the new file after move.

In addition to that, the "move file" in OneDrive doesn't break the ID or the links you generate, in other words, works exactly like expected.


Is really increadible how unreliable Microsoft's documentation can be.

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did you ever find a solution to this?

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Just ran into this issue myself, and found a great workaround. Sharing here since this was one of the first results from my search. Source and full credit:


In short, use the Send an HTTP request to SharePoint step as below:



Typed out for copying purposes:

Site Address
    "srcPath": {
        "__metadata": {
            "type": "SP.ResourcePath"
    "destPath": {
        "__metadata": {
            "type": "SP.ResourcePath"

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