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Cannot Dynamically Update Task Status

I'm working on a flow that will create a series of Planner tasks in a new bucket to track the status of a request. The trigger is a new or modified SharePoint list item, which causes the flow to create a new task bucket with four new tasks. The SharePoint list has a yes/no field so that the bucket and new tasks are only created once.


I'd like to be able to dynamically mark these tasks complete as the actions are completed, rather than having the assignees go into Planner and mark them complete. My logic is to check whether the field has been filled, and if yes, mark the task "Complete." The issue is that in the second half of the flow, it errors out every time because it doesn't recognize the task ID. I've tried grabbing the dynamic ID, as well as saving that ID in SharePoint and inserting it as the ID, but neither seemed to work. Any suggestions?


Creating the task and saving the task ID to SharePoint:

Planner Flow1.JPG

Two methods of updating the task dynamically, neither of which seems to work:
Planner Flow2.png


Using either method, I get a 404 error that the task cannot be found.

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Re: Cannot Dynamically Update Task Status

@cassandra if you add in a 30 second delay schedule between the Create a task and the update that should work OK. The problem  with the way you've got it at the moment is that Flow is trying to find the task ID at exactly the same time  as it's creating it which is why you get the error. A short delay allows the task to be created before Flow needs to grab the Task ID as I've done in the image below. It's not exactly your scenario but it needs to get the Task ID.

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