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Change order of inputs on Manually Trigger a Flow

Is it possible to change the order of inputs in Manually Trigger a Flow?  When editing the flow, they seem to appear in the order they were created.  When I run the flow, they seem to display in a random order.


Editing the Flow:


Editing the FlowEditing the Flow


Running the Flow:


Running the FlowRunning the Flow


Neither of these is the order I would like them to be.  My only option to reorder them while editing is to delete them all and recreate in the order I want (then probably fix every use of them within the flow), but that ultimately won't help me if they display randomly anyway when the flow is run.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @gwsmith ,


I have not seen this issue reproduce in my time using the manual trigger. I tried to do this again with similar inputs to the ones you have, and mine are showing in the order they are while editing the Flow. Can you select the 3 dots next to the trigger name and select peek code and display the output here?

Hi, has anyone resolved this issue? 


I am experiencing the same thing, and regardless of the order I created the inputs, the questions are still asked randomly 

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@rocamp did you actually read the question? The behaviour you mention is the problem. The issue is that the inputs always appear in the order they were created, and sometimes that's not the order I want them to appear in. The only solution, then, is to delete all the inputs and carefully recreate them in the correct order - which you can't do if you actually use those values in your flow. Which means I have to go through and carefully delete all the places it's used, or replace them with a variable, before I can do something as simple as change the order of inputs.

@gwsmith I don't think the ability to do this exists; it has been posted to PA Ideas, and you can vote for it and track it there.

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Thanks for the workaround. It was brilliant.

Although I do agree this is simple thing Microsoft should handle first. Even the workaround still weird as it is not changing in UI editor but it did changed when Test and run (as previously mentioned)


Thanks again

Hey can you tell me what the workaround is? When I try to access the link, it is saying that "Access Denied"


1. We need to export our flow solution as ZIP package, and extract it's contents

2. Next step we will need to find our flow definition in json format. In my case it's path: 'Microsoft.Flow' --> 'flows' --> 'folder with flow ID' --> 'definition.json'

3. Open 'definition.json', apply pretty print in your favourite text editor (Shift+Alt+F) - I use Visual Studio Code

4. Find section where there are properties of trigger action of your flow, and change order of these properties

5. Save 'definition.json', copy modified file to original exported ZIP and replace it in the same path

6. In Power Automate, import your modified ZIP package (remember to choose update, not create new flow with that ZIP)

7. If import succeeded, test your flow, and you should have correct order of inputs in your action 🙂

Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to thank you for this solution.

Ludicrous Microsoft haven't been able to implement a proper fix themselves.

Wow am I ever surprised..................................NOT.

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