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Excel online formula not calculation



I created multiple flows to add a row in a table in Excel online when a Form is submitted. The added row has got 10 columns. The first column is filled with the submission time (for instance 7th of January), the second column is a proces time. This is the following calculation: =NOW()-A:A, since A:A is the submission time. The result is the number of days a certain step takes to proces. So on the 8th of January it shows 1, etc..

The formula is added in the 'add a row to a table' in flow, and worked correctly for two months. However, since the 2nd of January the result of the formula is always '0' (zero). I need to click on the cell and press enter to let it calculate the value, or use the update worksheet button in the ribbon.

Has something changed in excel online or is it a flow error?

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Excel online formula not calculation

Hi @DanielM,


Could you please share the screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Could you please share the expression in the flow that you mentioned?


Please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


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Re: Excel online formula not calculation



In this picture you can see the flow (it is in Dutch but I think it is not hard to understand, get the response details, add a row to a table) and the excel sheet. The last row is added with my Form, this gives the value 0.00, however, the formula above shows the inserted formula. When I edit the cell and press enter the value changes to the correct value. This problem also occurs when I use a simple formula in flow as =1+1, this also gives 0.00 as result.


I hope you know a solution to work around this error. One important thing is that it should be a dynamic value, so it changes when a day has passed.

Strange thing is that it dit work correctly until last week..

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Re: Excel online formula not calculation

I'm having the same problem.


My flow goes as follows:

  • When a new response is submitted (Forms)
  • Get response details (Forms)
  • Get a row (Excel)
  • Send an email (V2)

I have added formulas to the spreadsheet that is associated with the Form. Just simple =CONCATENATE formulas that help to create uniform file names for marketing campaigns. The formulas are correct in the spreadsheet, but when new response data is added the result show for those formulas is "0", and it doesn't change unless I select the cell and hit Enter/Return or unless I click the "Calculate Workbook" button on the data tab.


Also, similar to your experience, this was working for me a couple months ago, but all of a sudden nothing is responding as it used to.

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