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Send Forms Pro Survey and Update Record with Results - Dynamics 365

Hi all,


I am building a flow that sends a Forms Pro survey after a specific event in Dynamics 365.

I've got the sending part sorted. 


What I'm stuck with is, I would like to capture the result of a specific rating field on the survey and then update a field in Dynamics with that rating.


What I'm stuck with is how I can link the survey response to the actual record in Dynamics.


So far I have a flow that sends the survey, but should I keep the 'get response' actions within this flow or make a new flow to handle the responses? 


Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


Accepted Solutions

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hello @bjarvis ,


There is not any standard flow template to get survey response. If you need to update records of Dynamics CRM than you can write System workflows in dynamics on  record create of "Survey Question response" entity and update certain fields using OOB workflows. I am not sure why you are looking for flow to update dynamics crm records.  


Let me know if you have certain choice to use power Automate only to update fields of CRM.


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Hi @bjarvis ,


Please refer to the url for detailed usage of Forms and storing data in D365:



@anupam8555 - thanks for the reply. I'm using flow because I need to do some things outside of Dynamics too.


@ManishJain Thanks - however that solution creates a new Note record and attaches it by using the 'Regarding' field.

In my case, I want to update an existing field in the Leads entity. So I can't do it the same way. 


I feel like my first question shouldn't necessarily be 'how can I do this' but instead maybe it should be 'is this the right way to do this'


Should I just add the get response actions into the flow that sends the survey out? or should it be a separate flow to handle the responses?


Hi @bjarvis ,


The idea was just to give you brief about it. if a note record can be created , the lead record for this matter can also be updated. 


Regarding your flow sending out response : Trigger should be there to send out otherwise how will you send out forms. Once you send out forms you need to capture response and do further processing related to response you got. Do more on response like you mentioned integrating with other systems. 




Hi @bjarvis ,


You need to create a new flow to get the response.


Use When a new response is submitted as the trigger and get the response by using Get response details action.


Then you could use List records action to get the related record to update. You need to rely on the information contained in the response to filter records, by configuring Filter Query.


So, what data in the submission is related to the record?


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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@v-bacao-msft  Thanks for the reply.


The part I'm stuck on is how I can link the response to the original Lead.


When I'm sending the survey, I have the 'Lead' set as the regarding as below:




But then on the flow that receives the responses, I can't see any way of linking it. I thought by setting the 'regarding' field, that information may have also been in the response for me to use to link it back to the Lead in Dynamics.


Is it possible to pass information like this through MS Forms?


Hi @bjarvis ,


How are you triggering the forms? Is it on lead qualification ? As far as I know once you set regarding it should be available in timeline of lead. 



@ManishJain The trigger is actually on activation of quote (this is a survey to see how well we handled the sales enquiry).

The trigger isn't the problem, it sends the survey perfectly.

The survey settings in flow are now as below:




The survey links to my Dyanmics records perfectly - i can see the survey being sent and response being received in the timeline on the Lead, Opportunity and Contact records.


BUT, in my flow that triggers 'when a response is submitted', there doesn't seem to be any way to get the link to any of the Dynamics records. and without a way of linking them i can't do what i need to do.

Hi @bjarvis ,


Please go through the following url if it helps :




@ManishJain - thanks for that link. It didn't directly give me an answer, but it pointed me in the right direction. I hadn't thought of using the Survey Response record in Dynamics.

All is working as expected now 🙂


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