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Send email with HTML table highlighting cell values based on dynamic content

Hi All,


Using flow I am trying to send an email with a HTML table that has 2 columns

Field Name and its Has Column Changed Value (True/False) 


The html along with the script to highlight the table content is available in : Tryit Editor v3.6 (


html editor.JPG


However the same when I add inside the "Send email V2" is not highlighting the table values.


No Highlight in email.JPG


Screenshot of the HTML in flow:






Is the script not accepted in Send email V2?


Thanks in advance for any help on this issue 🙂




Accepted Solutions
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Super User

Hi @PnikX 

In that case could you use the if expression. If(equals(Has Column Changed Value,’yes’), htmlwithhighlight, htmlwithouthighlight)



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Hi @PnikX 


I don't know why your script isn't working but html has a tag method for highlighting text which works and I have tested in Outlook.






<p style="background-color: #86aba5">This text is highlighted</p>


Give that a go, a lot simpler I think.


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Hi Damien,


Thank you for replying to my request.


The Tag method you have suggested is useful for fixed text / sentence in an email.


However, in my case, the "True" / "False" text is not fixed.


It is the output of Dynamic content "Has Column Changed Value: <<column name>>"  and they keep changing in every email triggered whenever a SharePoint Item is modified.


So html tag method is not helping.



Thanks  again for your reply!


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Super User

Hi @PnikX 

In that case could you use the if expression. If(equals(Has Column Changed Value,’yes’), htmlwithhighlight, htmlwithouthighlight)



I tried creating an if expression in many ways but kept failing with




IF tried these..


if(equals(outputs('Get_changes_for_an_item_or_a_file_(properties_only)')?['body/ColumnHasChanged/Short_x0020_Description']),<p style="background-color: #FFE4C4">modified</p>,<p style="background-color: #F0FFFF"> - </p>)




if(equals(outputs('Get_changes_for_an_item_or_a_file_(properties_only)')?['body/ColumnHasChanged/Short_x0020_Description']), 'True',<p style="background-color: #FFE4C4">modified</p>,<p style="background-color: #F0FFFF"> - </p>)




if(outputs('Get_changes_for_an_item_or_a_file_(properties_only)')?['body/ColumnHasChanged/Short_x0020_Description']) = "True",<p style="background-color: #FFE4C4">modified</p>,<p style="background-color: #F0FFFF"> - </p>)


without "= "True""



if(outputs('Get_changes_for_an_item_or_a_file_(properties_only)')?['body/ColumnHasChanged/Short_x0020_Description']),<p style="background-color: #FFE4C4">modified</p>,<p style="background-color: #F0FFFF"> - </p>)


I agree it would have been a simpler method than the script if I was accomplish this with if expression!!

You are awesome!!!

I knew that my expression syntax was wrong and also that your suggestion will surely work if i got it right.

(As you would have guessed by now.. I am new to this  🙂 ) after many trial and errors.. got the expression right!



if(equals(outputs('Get_changes_for_an_item_or_a_file_(properties_only)')?['body/ColumnHasChanged/Short_x0020_Description'], True), '<p style="background-color: #FFE4C4">modified</p>','<p style="background-color: #F0FFFF"> - </p>')  



Frequent Visitor

Hi Damien, 


Here's the final result that I was looking for.. I can now add as many fields and their status in my flow email!




Thanks a ton for your guidance!!!




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Super User

Hey @PnikX  - no problem.  Glad it worked for you.  😀



Could you share where you put the "If" statement in the body of your email in the flow?
I have a large email that's created with the results of a survey.  I want the cell highlighted a certain color based on the value retrieved from Sharepoint.


The VALUE has 4 possible selections.  In the SharePoint list each value has it's own color.  I need to get that color into the email so reviewers can easily see which ones are not GREEN (Good).


An example of what I have now is this:


<b>STORE VISIT SUMMARY:</b></br></br>
<b>OBSERVATION SUMMARY</b></br></br>
<table class="tg">
    <th class="tg-tc7w" colspan="2">SALES DEPARTMENT</th>
    <td class="tg-0lax"><b>Team Members Wearing Name Tags</b></td>
    <td class="tg-0lax">@{triggerBody()?['ServiceTeamMembersWearingNameTag']?['Value']}</td>
    <td class="tg-0lax"><b>Team Members Wearing Masks Properly</b></td>
    <td class="tg-0lax">@{triggerBody()?['ServiceTeamMembersWearingMasksPr']?['Value']}</td>
    <td class="tg-0lax"><b>Team Members in Compliance with Dealership Dress Code</b></td>
    <td class="tg-0lax">@{triggerBody()?['ServiceTeamMembersinCompliancewi']?['Value']}</td>


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