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Helper I

Using Planner Flags in a flow condition

I am attempting to use the color of the planner flags as part of a condition in an automated flow. Basically, if a red flag is on the planner task I want it to move the item to another bucket. But if there is no flag, I want the task to move to a different bucket. The trigger for both is completing the task.


I have tried setting the condition to (flag color) = true and (flag color)=(flag color), but neither seem to work. It either doesn’t recognize the flag color or assumes that every task has that color flag even if they don’t.


Any guidance/help on building this sort of flow is much appreciated.

Helper I
Helper I

This might not be the most elegant version of the solution, but something like this might be able to get you going.

2021-02-15 21_39_12-Edit your flow _ Power Automate.png

If your flow isn't working, could you post a screenshot of what you've got?

Helper I
Helper I

I attempted to use the suggestion from @a_hansen; however it causes the flow to follow both branches and creat duplicate tasks. 

This is my current set-up:


It always says the expression is false even when the flag is present. I’ve tried replacing “True” with “Yes” and with the flag dynamic content, but neither option has worked.


I would greatly appreciate if knows how to fix the condition so that it will recognize when a flag is present. Unfortunately I can’t do it in a switch because this condition is already located within a switch set-up.

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I was having similar issues.    Finally discovered that it needs to be phrased using "True"   (is equal to/is not equal to True).    ALSO, the true needs to be entered in as a function, otherwise it treats it as a string. 

Condition using True.jpg

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