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Hi All!


I used a timer on an app, but currently, I have problems with it. We develop an app where you can reserve a product and the inventory updates once you confirm your purchase intent (we use a template of power apps ->Asset Checkout). The home screen works well (the inventory update immediately), but if you are in a confirm screen (of the product that you select on the home page), the inventory doesn't update ... it only updates when you refresh the app. 

An example: Two people (in their computers) are interested in a specific product, if one of them reserves that product, the other person can't view the real inventory in the Confirm screen because the number doesn't update.

Home screen-> Ok, the box text updates correctly (Agotado, for example)

Home screenHome screen

Confirm screen: The box text "5 unidades disponibles" doesn't update

Confirm ScreenConfirm Screen


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Super User



on your Confirm screen there is Timer2.

Is that timer should refresh info when a user opens Confirmation screen?

If yes, try:


CheckoutScreen.OnVisible = 

UpdateContext({startTimer2: false}); UpdateContext({startTimer2: true}); 


Timer2.Start = startTimer2





Hi @Alex_10! Thanks for your answer!

We found that the problem is related to the variable's type. The home screen has a global variable (ThisItem) but when you select a product, that creates a local variable (ItemSelected) so the box text of the Confirm screen doesn't update (it only occurs when you refresh the app or when you click to the previous screen and entry again). We think that this is the reason for the problem.

Let me know if you understand.


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Super User


let say the text input that shows "5 unidades disponibles" has name TextInput.

Is this TextInput located inside CheckedoutForm?

What code is in:

 - TextInput.Default

- CheckedoutForm.Item

- CheckedoutForm.DataSource






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