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When Scrolling through a Dropdown, Background Screen Scrolls



I'm having issues with scrolling through a drop down menu.

When I scroll through a drop down menu using an iphone, the rest of the screen also scrolls, which leaves the drop down menu detached from it's original location. Is there a fix for this?





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So I figured it out!

The default setting when I created the item was a "Combo box". If I change it to a regular "Drop down" there's no issues with scrolling.

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I'm on Android so can't replicate your experience, but you could solve it by creating a custom UI element rather than relying on a dropdown.


So your dropdown's items property is presumably set to a collection or datasource. You could instead create a gallery bound to the same thing, use labels for the item value, and have an OnSelect on the label which acts the same way as selecting from the dropdown.

If I'm understanding correctly, all of the dropdown options would be displayed for the user to choose from. Is that right?


My dropdown consists of over 20 items. So, having all the options displayed would make the user scroll through a lot before reaching the next field. 


Is it possible to have a scrollable gallery with what you've suggested?

It's hard to say what's best without seeing the context. Is the dropdown inside a form?

Yes, the dropdown is inside a form and pulls values from a sharepoint list.

I've attached screenshots. The first one is an example of how the drop down displays and requires scrolling.

Second screen shot shows what happens when I scroll - the whole page also scrolls but the drop down remains in the same location and 'detatches'

Out of interest, what happens if you try to scroll the list with 2 fingers instead of one?


It's often done in mobile ui that where you have a scrollable area inside a scrollable area, the inner one has to be scrolled with 2 fingers.


Not at all intuitive to most users unfortunately.

I was hoping this would work! But unfortunately, with two fingers, only the screen scrolls, not the drop down menu.

I'm out of ideas then!


Actually, you could get around it by having a button instead of a dropdown, the button being labelled something like, "Select safe activity", which would then show a gallery completely over the top of the form, so a fullscreen list of all the items. Then you would select one and it would set a global variable to its value, then hide the gallery again. Then your form would have the original field hidden, and with a default value set to the global variable.... that's kind of a long way around and quite a custom feature on top of what otherwise looks like a fairly standard forn!

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try it out.

So I figured it out!

The default setting when I created the item was a "Combo box". If I change it to a regular "Drop down" there's no issues with scrolling.

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