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Did approval logic change on Reject?

I have a flow with multiple approvers running parallel in a For Each loop, with "All approvers" indicated. In the past, if everyone approved, it would complete the For Each when the last approval was received, but if any approver rejected, the Approval step would shut down.


Today I received a reject from one of 5 approvers, and the flow remained active. Further, it failed to complete a step subsequent to the reject being received which was working even in this execution of the flow for an approval received yesterday. 


I waited over an hour and ultimately cancelled the Flow so I could move on with manual intervention. However, all the remaining pending approvals are still out there.


Net - 

1) did something change with how rejects are handled? 

2) is there any way to get rid of the pending approvals since they did not get cleared when the reject was processed nor when the flow was cancelled?


Thanks -

Super User III
Super User III

@Mohoelx :

Can you post a screen shot of your Flow?

It appears as though there have been updates to the Approval actions - I'm not sure of that has impacted your Flow.



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I see that there is now "Custom response options for approvals" but I can find no instructions on how to set it up to understand how it may affect past approval flows. 

@unfeomateo and @Mohoelx :

There should be guidance from Microsoft on the new Approval actions coming very soon.



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@ScottShearer it is always a challenge to get screen prints posted, but I have satisfied myself that it is behaving differently, and likely based on the changes.


Used to be that when requesting multiple approvers and requiring "All approvers", vs "Any approver", it would work through until all approvals were received OR an user chose Reject, at which point the Approval task would close out, and shut down any pending approval requests. 


Now it waits for ALL approvers to respond, even if one chose Reject. Not a useful change for me. 


I do see multiple Approval action steps now, so in theory one could construct something using the (I'm sure it's) new "Wait for an approval". 


For now, what was working is broken and will have to be re-built. Not pleasant. Especially since Microsoft's documentation is also lagging, so I can't even see how we are supposed to use these new options beyond trial and error.... 


On the up-side, regarding my question 2, there was a time lag, but the remaining approvals from the cancelled flow did go away eventually. This is new as I have one from January that is still haning out just waiting for the 90 day timeout (I hope) since it's flow was cancelled in January....



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