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Help! Get item - Item Not Found

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great day.

I am writing to you because I have this error with power automate, it always gives me the same error and I don't understand very well what is happening.

The "get Item" step always fails, it says it doesn't get the ID, although I think I have it marked correctly, what is wrong?

I am still learning about powerapps, if you can give me simple solutions it would be very helpful.

Thank you very much in advance!






Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey @Andresyez 


The only reason I see this is giving you an error is:


You are thinking that the title is the ID of your item but its not like that.

ID is another column in your sharepoint, that will be unique for your item. The action that you are using

"Get Item" accepts that ID, not the Title.


The ID column is a hidden column in sharepoint, and whenever you add a new item in a list it increases. Lets say, you make a new list the first item you will add to the list will have id 1, then you add another item its id would be 2 and so on.


So, from Power Apps you have to send that ID not the title. Go to your sharepoint list, and on the right side would be written add column. Click on that and select show/hide columns.



After that select the ID column and click on apply at the top.



Now go to your power app and refresh the database. After that ID would be visible in your Power App.

Now from your Power App, send this ID column to the Power Automate and then pass this ID to the get item action and it would work.



If this answers your question, you can accept this as a solution and if you liked the explanation, you can give a thumbs up too.

Thanks. 🙂

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