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Power Automate scheduled job took 9 hours to run

Anyone know if there is currently a problem with the Power Platform or specifically Power Automate?

There was a problem a couple of weeks back and Power Automate was incredibly slow, then it went away.

An overnight job that run (early hours of this morning) which is usually done by around 2am (GMT) finished at 09:05 this morning!

No errors - just one block took 8 hours to complete and many records that normal take 0-1 second to create were taking 5 mins. Multiply that by 1300 records and, well, you get the idea.

The job has running for months without any problem like this.

Furthermore - I can't analyse in Power Studio as it just hangs when i log in.


Any ideas?



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hello Team,


You are spot on about the issue, a couple days ago indeed this was experienced by a lot of users but that was fixed by Microsoft on the same day and everything fell back to normal.


Your's sounds like an intermittent issue and since it did not fail i would say this is a temporary environment glitch.


I would suggest you to observe this for another day and see if this happens again, if yes then you might need to delete the connection of the that action which is taking a long time to load, delete the cache, refresh the browser etc and manually run the flow once again to check if it doesnt take the same amount of time.


If you do not experience this on the next day again then stay assured that it got fixed on its own and it was indeed a glitch.


You see we cannot be sure until the flow fails and give us something kind of a raw error in return.


I hope you are with me on this.


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It was fine the next day then ran for 7 hours the day after that. No errors again.


I did speak to someone at MS though and it looks like it could be throttling as there is one retry for a lot of records (those records take 5 mins) with a 429 code.  429 is a limit code. I'm on PA Plan 1 which is supposed to be 5000 API calls/24 hours and this flow was deleting 1281 records then creating 1281 new records. It could be that this system user has hit its max as it's also used for other processes.

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