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Update Sharepoint List Item Through Email



I have an interesting problem I am trying to solve. We have a help desk ticketing system that we use. I am creating a SharePoint list and setting up a flow that when an item is added to the list the flow will send an email to the ticketing system. In the email, it will have details of the list item. These items will be parsed by the ticketing system and fill in the ticket with the list item details. I would like to setup a way to email back some information from the ticketing system to a email box that flow would watch and then update the appropriate list item when the ticket is closed. 


I can pass over the list item ID to the ticket system and back through email. Just not sure how to parse the email to update the list item.


Any ideas?

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Re: Update Sharepoint List Item Through Email

It sounds as though no one will actually be reading the emails sent from the ticketing system, so the emails need not be "pretty".


A simple suggestion might be to put nothing but the ID in the subject line (no need to parse anything).  When an email arrives, use the ID in the subject line with the Get Items action and an OData filter:

ID eq '[insert ID from subject line via Dynamic Porperties]'


That will allow you to retrive that particular list item.  You'll need to use a For Each loop but only 1 item will be returned (it will only loop once).


You might then update the ticket to closed and insert the email body into a multi-line text column.


If you want an example, please let me know.


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Re: Update Sharepoint List Item Through Email

Thank you!


An example would be great.


The email account would never be checked so we could make it as ugly as needed. I would like to be able to send an email to that account with the Item ID and have it update a column that would add the ticket number. Do you think that would be doable?

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Re: Update Sharepoint List Item Through Email



I hope this emails finds you well! I am the Product Manager at MailParser, a cloud-based email parsing solution that has been in business since 2013. 


Our app works by extracting data locked inside of emails and sending that data somewhere else on the internet, like Microsoft Flow - your query here stuck out to me a bit as I thought our solution may be a good fit for you.


If interested in a streamlined email parsing solution to pass your email data to Sharepoint, I would recommend creating a 14-day free trial here and letting me know at where you get stuck getting set up 🙂


Best regards,

Joshua Harris

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Re: Update Sharepoint List Item Through Email



I am currentely trying to do someting similar, and thought @ScottShearer idea seems brilliant. Did you provide an example Scott? Did you alternatively come up with a solution cdmcali

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