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copy onedrive to sharepoint document library



I'm trying to create a flow where when a user creates/adds a file to their OneDrive for Business, it then copies the file over to a sharepoint document library.


I'm running across some issues and am unsure what i'm doing wrong.  I could be inputting the wrong information.  Below is a picture of the flow setup.




Could you let me know what I'm doing wrong?





Power Automate
Power Automate

Hi Phong,


Your flow looks right to me. Can you let me know what errors you are running into?

You can also view the history of your runs by going to and clicking on the i icon.


Alternately - if you let me know the id you are using to login - I can look it up.






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Hi RajRa,


Right now, I can't even get any of the flow to run.


I've deleted and started again, so all the errors are gone, but yes, my id is





Power Automate
Power Automate



Unfortunately, I'm unable to look up based on the id you gave me - Is that the one you use to log in to

If yes, can you use chrome, sign in to, press Ctrl+Alt+A and email the output to




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Here you go.



I am trying to do the same and lost. Appreciate response if this has now been resolved.

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No. Not resolved yet. I gave up. I heard that MS will eventually allow users to move onedrive over to SharePoint site.
Power Automate
Power Automate

Sorry for dropping this. I will look into this today and update.


Hi phorpa,


Apologies for the delay in getting to address this.


I restate the scenario merely to confirm my understanding.

"The goal is to replicate the files that you create in OneDrive For Business, into a Sharepoint folder"


If the above is the scneario, then the flow needs to be authored slightly different than the one provided at the top of the thread.


I have attached a snapshot of a sample that works successfully. Please modify the flow to reflect this and let us know if it works.



Hi Ashwinsa,


That seemed to work but with a few caveats.


It only seems to work when I drop files off via web browser and not through my OneDrive for Business app. The OneDrive for Business app syncs up to the web without any problems, but then the flow doesn't kick off and copy files over to the SharePoint site.


Another thing that I noticed is that it doesn't copy over video files. I've placed a .mp4 file on my OneDrive and it didn't show up on the SharePoint site.  


What files are supported?  What are the file size limitations?


Thank you.



There is a file size limit of 25MB so that might be limiting the mp4 from getting copied over.


I will look into the issue and try to reproduce where sycing files from the mobile app isn't showing up in the sharepoint site.


Can you confiorm that the flow runs were indeed skipped when you updated the file from the app ?

Glad to hear that it worked.


There is a 25 MB file limit so I am guessing you are probably hitting that. The connector team is working to remove that limit.

Anything less is expected to sync.


I will look into and try to reproduce the issue that you are facing with the mobile app. Does the flow run indicate as skipped when you try to upload from the app ?

In terms of the mp4 video that didn't copy over, it was only 1mb and nothing close to the 25mb limit.


The flow doesn't run when I tried to upload from the onedrive for business app. 

@SameerCh Can someone from the connector team help out here please ??


I am not aware of any limitation on files uploaded through the OneDrive app not firing the trigger.


That said, I want to clarify a few things here:  Does the same file work when it is uploaded via the web browser?  I saw we mention about file size limitations -- but 25MB should work fine.


Also, what is your flow Id (the URL when you click on the Flow)? That might also help us narrow down if there is any issue on the Flow/connectors.


Yes, the same files except for the 1mb .mp4 video file works fine while uploaded via web browser. It'll trigger the flow and copy over to the sharepoint site.  


flow ID: 72325af4-b548-4086-a804-7294323585d2



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