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Hello, I created a flow that should send an email with a csv file as attachment. The issue is that i am receiving the attachment as .file and not .csv.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey @RogerSaid 

Just write .csv after the file in attachments and it will change its format.



i did it by adding the .xlsx first and tried it now with .csv. i am using the "create CSV table" as step, should is use something else?



Community Champion
Community Champion


Directly add the file in it. For example


Dont use csv table action. No need. 

Like in my case I took the file manually, and passed a .file in it. 



Microsoft Windows and other programs sometimes append files they don't recognize with the .file extension. For example, if you download a file in your web browser, and your browser doesn't recognize the file's format, it may assign the .file extension. You can use file identification utilities to identify these "generic" FILE files.

Thank you for you help, but i guess your flow is different. The file im trying to attach is from a list. After some research i thought that i have to use the create csv table. if you have any other method it will be helpful. Thank you.

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