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You are not a member of the envorinments security group

Hey guys, 

since today users have the following problem.

They can't open apps, which are in a different environment, where they don't are members of the environment security group. 

"The app isn't opening correctly. You can't open apps in this environment. You are not a member of the envorinments security group" 


Do you have any idea why it stopped working? 

We need a construct in our environment where all members of our tenant can open apps and only a certain group can create apps.


Thanks in advance

Super User
Super User

While typically a user doesn't need to be a member of the environment's security group to run Power Apps canvas apps (based on my experience), there isn't any real harm in adding the users into the group. This will not give the users any rights within the environment - that's what security roles are used for. You should be able to have a separate group/team of users in the environment with the Environment Maker security role.

Frequent Visitor

We have started to get this problem since Friday, did you get a solution?

Frequent Visitor

We observed this issue in our Environment today. Has anyone found the solution, please?

Helper III
Helper III

This is also affecting our users.  We have an environment with controlled access for developers but have a number of canvas apps with SharePoint datasources that are widely shared.  We had no problems accessing them until today...

Frequent Visitor

I have been in contact with Microsoft. Apparently, you now have to add the users of Canvas Apps to the environment security group. Just testing this to see if it solves the problem.

Helper III
Helper III

Thanks for letting me know.  Well, that has just scuppered our ALM strategy.  We use environments with security groups to give our developers access to create canvas apps, and then share them with our users.  This is not going to help at all.

Added the canvas app users to the environment security group has solved the problem. The users did not need to be set up with a role.

Super User
Super User

Looks like the official Microsoft documentation has been updated 4 days ago. Now it includes the statement:

When a security group is associated with an environment, users who are not members of the security group won't be able to run canvas apps regardless of whether the app has been shared with the user. Instead, users will see this error message: "You can't open apps in this environment. You are not a member of the environment's security group."

Control user access to environments: security groups and licenses


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