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PowerApps Portal: Sign Document Electronically on Document on the Portal

Hello Community,


I have the following set up, and would appreciate suggestions and guidance on how my question below can be achieved:


- I have a Customer-Service portal linked to a Dynamics 365 instance

- I have enabled SharePoint integration for the portal, as well as SharePoint integration for the Dynamics 365 instance

- There is a portal web page that display the Contact entity form, and also display the documents that are stored in SharePoint against the contact record. The portal login user can open the document directly from this portal web page.

- I have also set up DocuSign integration with the Dynamics 365 instance, such that users in Dynamics 365 can perform DocuSign on a document stored on the Dynamics 365 entity.


My question is - is there a way to enable DocuSign on the portal web page, so that the portal login user can perform DocuSign on the document that's displayed via the Portal/SharePoint integration?


Any pointers would be appreciated.




Hi @Anonymous,

My experience with DocuSign isn't very extensive, but hopefully this is helpful. It might require more research or experts/those with more experience.

DocuSign has the concept of accounts, but, from my understanding, this is usually on the end of the signers/admins who build out the document templates and handle all of the maintenance and inboxes and such with DocuSign, though they can also initiate "In-Person Signing". For the average signer, the only method of authentication is usually opening an email (as proof it's the intended recipient), unless you're generating the document as an embedded signing (see here:

Part of the issue with the embedded signing is going to be that it sounds like you have a need to sign for pre-existing envelopes, and I'm not seeing anything about that here. Additionally, it requires server-side code (JS not an option), so you'll need to build a middleware API to handle the JS request from the Portal for you (maybe Logic Apps & Azure Functions).

Hopefully this provides an option or insight into how you can shift the requirements.

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Hi @justinburch ,


Thank you very much for your inputs! I understand this is a complex scenario and may not be a typical common use case, but appreciate your insights!


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