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Extract data from window - Does not return any rows

I have a java application which has a number of tables, when i use the 'Extract data from windows' tool and attempt to place the data into a variable I can see that the variable all 14 columns as expected however there are 0 rows of data.


I have adjusted the ui element selector what feels like 100 times, not sure what else to try.


I should also say that i am successfully interacting with other parts of the java application, so far its just the table data thats being a pain


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @Alindsay81 

This sounds like a similar case to what I am experiencing with old ~20yo Delphi app I have automated with PAD.

In general, it boils down to some parts of UI not being supported directly by PAD.

I was even considering testing Python to see if I would get better support and incorporating this into my PAD, but in the end, I came up with a working, reliable solution for this app.

Some of my issues with the Delphi app:

  1. Part UI elements are recognized and controllable without any issues.
  2. Part of the UI elements are not recognized until activated, for example:
    1. A text box is not visible until in focus/edit mode. What I do here is to move the mouse to XY relative to the top left corner of the first parent element being recognized, then send a left click to activate the field. After that field is spyable and I can use UI actions to set the value without the need to send keys to it.
  3.  Part of the UI elements are not spyable/recognizable at all, these are lists and some graphical buttons, list filter buttons, etc.
    1. Fortunately, the app I have automated has a "copy to clipboard" option when you right-click on any part of the list. So again, I use "move the mouse to XY", relative to the top left corner of the nearest parent element, then use the select option in the menu  (if the menu is spyable) or send keys (if not spyable) to copy to the list to the clipboard. Then paste it into Excel.
  4. Text in windows such as error or other notifications not spyable -  I use OCR with Tesseract engine, image resized to 10 / 10 as this works best for my language and I get reliable results

Maybe some of the technics will be useful for you.


New Member

Good night dear,

I'm having problems with the application in Delphi, the selector does not recognize the grid (TListView), as shown in the image, it does not recognize only the checkbox that exists in the first column, is there a way to map it correctly? Or is this a limitation of Microsoft's Power Automate Desktop that doesn't work well with Delphi?

In the example above, I need to extract the data from the grid and be able to read the information for each line individually, for example Number 31040.



But only the checkbox above or the parent element TListView (see below) are identified by the selector, however, TListView also does not allow extracting any data.



Thanks for any help, Geraldo

Hi @GeraldoOliveira 

Are you able to "click into" the fields to make them editable?

If yes, than in my case, editable fields become spyable and you can read and set values using selector - perhaps that will allow you to find a working pattern to get data usign combination of clicking the cells, using tab to move to next column etc?

But that would be slow for long data sets.


Maybe app has another option to grab data via export/reporting module whatsoever?



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