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Advocate II
Advocate II

Dataverse Update A Row won't let me enter Row ID

When I try to use Dataverse Update Item, it  locks itself shut with a red exclamation circle if I try to specify the Row ID.


I've been using Flow to access Excel and Sharepoint for about two years.  I am creating my first flow against Dataverse. 

I've successfully called Get Items and executed a Select on the result and Filter Array to work with a limited set of the results.  


Where I'm getting stuck is the call Update A Row.   The connector opens up and allow me to set Table name.



I click into the next field, RowID.   But when I click the blue variable selector button, it immediately snaps the action step shut , with a red exclamation mark in a red circle.



If the action is held in something larger (like a control structure) and I close/reopen the next level up, then it goes back to looking like the first image and can delete it.   


Has anyone had this happen -- what is the cause?   Could it be a permissions issue?  (It only realizes when I choose the Table/Entity I don't have permission..?)  Grabbing at straws here.    I didn't create this app / Dataverse.  I was just asked to create a short workflow for it.   I was told I had permissions to the data.



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