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Approval action fails with XrmApprovalsGeneralPermissionsError



I have configured some approval request flows in combination with D365CE. I have configured/deployed these with a service account user so that connections and updates are running under that user.


Having tested the process now many times the Flow works fine, some finetuning needed though. Today I started testing with a test account so see if the security roles are correct in Dynamics CE. However this now fails miserably. I now end up with a error code "XrmApprovalsGeneralPermissionsError".




I have located the user that is mentioned here. This is a user called Microsoft Flow and has one security rol named Approval Administrator. I see that this role cannot be edited.


After this I assigned the System Administrator role to the Microsoft Flow user and everything works fine. Accordingly I have given this user a specific role with the prvActivateSynchronousWorkflow, but it then results in another privilege missing...



- How come there's a Microsoft Flow user in the application, I can't find any documentation.

- Why is it working for me with a system administrator role, but not for the test user? In the end the Flow runs are done via the service account user.

- How do we solve this failure? Assign the Microsoft Flow user the sytem administrator role...?

Resolver I
Resolver I

I always use the normal user account to configure Approval action, it seems to work.


Do you have tried to delete Approval connection in the current environment and then create a connection using the account you mentioned?


However, it is also very strange that the Approval action will automatically create a connection based on the account of the user currently logging in to MS Flow. It seems that it cannot be changed.

In the end this is also a normal user, so I don't see why this is behaving this way.

I have deleted the approval connection and created it again with the service account user. I'm very curious on how this will behave on the Test, Acceptance and UAT environments..

I have the same issue and it is only happening in Dynamics 365 environments, where you want to use Approvals.

Apparently the 'Approver Administrator' role need to have more permissions in these environments than in 'default'/non-dynamics environments.


For the time being I would try to hund down all the necessary permissions and create separate permission role with all of these and assing this one to the application user.


Alternatively you can assign System Administrator role, but as we know this is not the best practice.

Ideal solution would be if Microsoft would fix the role permission that is assigned by default.


Hope it makes sense.


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