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Advocate I

Hide footer 'used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification'

When the Flow Bot posts a notification on Teams, it contains a footer saying 'xyz

used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification'. How can we hide this notification? This can be a distraction for people who need to take action on the content of the message rather than this footer.
Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

At this point there is no way to hide that footer.  Microsoft considers having that information there necessary for assuring the recipient of the security and authenticity of the message.  So they have provided no way to remove it.

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And the 'Learn more' link? It takes you to Flows home page and encourages you to create your own flows. 

Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

Neither of those can be removed.  Not saying I agree with that stance, but it is the reality.

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Any plans to make it configurable? It is annoying for some of the workflow.

Its my understanding that Microsoft feels that information needs to be there for GDPR compliance purposes.  So I doubt you will see it made optional or configurable.

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Regular Visitor

This is also my concern.I shared my Flow (flow chatbot post new chat to teams' channel if there's a new task added) to group members via the groups email address. I noticed when a member creates new task, the automated flow chat has footer with my name on it.

Actually I'd say GDPR is exactly why it shouldn't be there.

Nothing in GDPR says that an automated robot must state who wrote it.  However, GDPR does say that you shouldn't store more personal data than strictly necessary !  How long will my name stay on that label into the future ?  how long after I leave the company ?  GDPR also touches on my right to be forgotten..  

Whoever made the case that this label has to be there for GDPR, hasn't understood GDPR.

This really should be removable.

This is plain Marketing

And definitely too agressive for my taste

New Member

I can't help but agree.  This is such an odd design decision.


I've been working on a few flows and wanted to try out a few possibilities to make things smoother.  I even went so far as to design an adaptive card to make my message neat and professional looking.


Instead, it quite neatly drops this message between the test of the message and the action (URL) button.  The makes some sort of sense in that the action should be at the bottom of the card.  But now I have no way to make a professional-looking card because there is an ugly blob of advertising text right in the middle.


Really poor form Microsoft.  I for one am simply going to abandon this idea for now, which is a real shame considering the potential benefits this could provide.

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You can end your message with:

<span style="display: none">

then it essentially hides the message.
hope this helps you.

Not if using JSON

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