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Unable to Get Original Tweet Id

I am trying to get the original tweet id so I can link the replies back to the original tweets but for some reason the original tweet id is showing up as NULL when I push the data to a SQL database table.
In fact, all twitter fields that starts with "Original" are showing up as NULLs.
Please assist..

Hi @reuben_narayan,


Do you have a problem that you can't get the value of the Original Tweet Id?


Check your Twitter Connection, you could remove and re-add it if there is something wrong with Connection.

In addition, check if your Twitter account is locked.

Locked or restricted Twitter accounts | Twitter Help

Further, make sure that the column type could support number values. Here I will always suggest a nchar column.


1.I have made a test but it seems to work fine on my side.

Here is my sql table structure. I have a nchar column to save my Tweet id(nchar: Support both non-Unicode and Unicode characters (i.e. Japanese, Korean etc.)).



2.Create a flow.

I recommend you add some Compose Action to check if the field you get has a value.




Result Screenshots:



Best Regards,

Charlie Choi

Hi Charlie


I did exactly what you've suggested but still no luck.  When I use the search text e.g. COVID-19, this works perfectly fine as I get all the values for fields that start with text "Original" at the front. This is not what I am trying to do.


I am trying to link the replies back to the original tweets. In the search text box, I am putting "to:@username" so I can get all the replies for this account, at the same time be able to link these replies back to the original tweets.


See the screenshot below:


Let me know if you need additional information.







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