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Bug? Rich text editor does not update on form in IE

I have an app that uses SQL Server as its data source. I have a form that updates to display the fields of an item selected in a gallery as shown in the picture below. The form is set to the datasource and the item property is set to the variable that is updated via the OnSelect property of the gallery displaying a list of items.


The problem is that the rich text editor control on the form will not update when a selection is made. It shows the field content for the first item displayed but will not update when another item is selected in the gallery. All the other fields on the form update as expected with the rich text editor remaining the same no matter what is selected.


DataCard's Default property: ThisItem.AuditorComments

RichTextEditor's Default property: Parent.Default (also tried ThisItem.AuditorComments)


Some interesting observations:


  1. This only occurs in IE (works properly in Chrome). This occurs in both the studio preview and in the app in IE and works fine in both places when using Chrome.
  2. This works as expected using an Android phone device and the PowerApps app.
  3. An HTML control set to the same default works fine but cannot be used to update the field.
  4. I tried resetting the form each time and gallery item is selected.
  5. I tried setting the variable to Blank() before setting it.
  6. I tried setting the RichTextEditor's default directly to ThisItem.AuditorComments.



Level 8

Re: Rich text editor does not update with other fields on form

So I added another, brand new RichTextEditor to the Datacard, set all the properties identical to the original one, and the new one worked in the Studio previewer using IE but... it still will not work when I play the app in IE.


Some questions that come to mind:


  • Why does the new control work in the preview with the same exact settings as the old one?
  • Why does the new control not work when the app is played even though it now works as expected in the previewer (I did confirm the version by making other visible changes)?



Tested on Safari on an iPad and works fine  Also works fine in the PowerApps app on ios. Also, does not work on Edge browser. Problem appears limited to IE (and Edge). Unfortunately IE is what everyone here has installed as default browser.


A control displaying data from a different item than the one specified for the form (and different than all the other controls on the form) is kind of a big deal from a technical standpoint. The fact that this is possible, and inconsistent across browsers, is very concerning and really undermines the credibility of PowerApps as a serious solution to anything in a production environment.

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Re: Rich text editor does not update with other fields on form

I gave up on this ever working and just switched to a plain text control.


Hopefully someone on staff will see this and investigate because this definitely does not work properly in IE.


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Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Bug? Rich text editor does not update on form in IE

Hi @PhilD,


Could you please show a bit more about the Item property of the Form control (Display Form or Edit Form)?

Could you please share more details about the OnSelect property of your Gallery control?

Further, does the Gallery control and the Form control are in same screen of app?


I have made a test on my side (on IE browser) and don't have the issue that you mentioned. The screenshot as below:1.JPG




The Default property of corresponding Data Card control associated with Rich Text Editor control is set to following formula:


On your side, it is:



The Default property of the Rich Text Editor control set to following formula:


On your side, please check if the Item property of the Form control (Display Form or Edit Form) set to following formula:


Note: The Gallery1 represents the Gallery control within your app.


In addition, please take a try to put the Gallery control and Form control into different screens, then check if the issue is solved.


You could also take a try to add the following formula within the OnSelect property of your Gallery control:


Note: The Form1 represents the From control on your side.


Then check if the issue is solved.


More details about the Data Forms in PowerApps, please check the following article:

Data Forms



Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Level 8

Re: Bug? Rich text editor does not update on form in IE

Thanks for the response Kris. None of these things corrected my issue and I cannot devote any more time to testing solutions at this point. 


I tried many configurations to source the rich text box (including the ones you mentioned) and in all cases it didn't update in IE while other controls on the same card, or on different cards, would update fine in all browsers.


Were you using a SQL Server data source when you attempted to recreate the problem?



Level 8

Re: Bug? Rich text editor does not update on form in IE

Different form, another rich text editor. This time the control refuses to reset when NewForm is issued. For example, all the controls on a form reset prepared to accept a new record except the rich text editor control that just sits there with the data from the last viewed item.



Unfortunately this time I have no choice to use a plain text type control as accepting this type of input is central to the entire process. 


This is a SQL Server data source, not a SharePoint list. Please, if someone could provide some direction on this I would appreciate it.

Level 8

Re: Bug? Rich text editor does not update on form in IE

Rich text editor control also does not respect the FormMode of the form. Putting form into FormMode.Edit has no affect on rich text editor control further rendering it useless.

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