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Cannot get app to display full width

I have tried every step provided in the board that I can find, but my app will not display full-width. 


  1. My Settings/Screen Size + Orientation settings are: 16:9 (Default), Scale to Fit Off, Lock Aspect Ratio Off.
  2. When I open the published app, I click Fit to Screen
  3. Each of my screens have a width setting of Max(App.Width, App.DesignWidth) and a height setting of Max(App.Height, App.DesignHeight)

I cannot get the app to resize to fit my screen. 



  • I built a test app with just a blank screen, filled that with a background color, then placed two controls on those. They also stop at 1366.
  • I set the dimensions to 1920x1080. Everything expanded to fill that screen. When I reset to 16:9, no more resizing.
  • I tested a PA template, and it does autoresize in my screen. Those screens are set to the Max formulas, and the controls have fixed dimensions (it wasn't written to be responsive), but it still resized without clicking Fit to Screen.

I thought it might be something buggy in components, but even when I built the new app without them, it didn't autofit. 

  • I changed my component header width to: Max(App.Width, App.DesignWidth). The headers then resized to fill the screen, but the screens underneath now shrunk fully flush left and no longer filled even the height of the window.
  • I deleted the components, turned off components and turned off all preview options. The screen remained flush left and at a reduced size.

Is there anything else that might make this work?


Also, is there a way to set Preview to full-screen?




I'm coming back with the extremely simple solution, with thanks to MS Support. All I had to do was add a single rectangle the size of the full screen (1366 wide) to each screen. I positioned it in the back, no color, then reset the screen size + orientation settings to Scale to Fit On and Lock Aspect Ratio off. The app autofit all of my screens, regardless of size!


I had seen the rectangle on the screens of the Customer Success app and assumed incorrectly it was a visual design element. Instead, it was a responsive design trick.


Here's the note from MS support, in case it helps anyone else:


-   We have been able to reproduce this issue too.

-   We did a bit of reverse engineering on the customer success app and found that the width of the rectangle was 1366px and we adopted this on our test app and it stopped overflowing.

-   Follow the below steps and please let us know how things go:


o   Create a rectangle by going to ‘insert’ then ‘icons’ and scroll down to ‘rectangles’

o   Adjust the width of the rectangle to 1366px and adjust the color to the background color of your app.

o   Assuming your app is landscape, set the Screen Size + Orientation settings

  • 16:9 (Default)
  • Scale to Fit On
  • Lock Aspect Ratio to off
  • Lock Orientation to on.





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