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Meeting notes formatting lost in Meeting capture app



When we use the meeting capture powerapp the meeting notes lose their formatting. e.g. the bullet points don't come through (see attached)


Does anyone know how to resolve this?









In step #6 of my solution, I discuss the section where it says:



{Field: "{MeetingNotes}", Data: NotesInput.HtmlText}

In order to export data from both the Rich text editor and the plain text editor, you will need this line to say something like:




{Field: "{MeetingNotes}", Data: Concatenate(RichTextEditor1.HtmlText, "<br />", NotesInput.Text)}

where RichTextEditor1 is the control for your rich text notes and NotesInput is the control for your plain text notes



This is by far the most useful tool MS has produced in a long time...I am also getting the OneNote content not showing up issue but hopefully it will get fixed soon. 


It would be good if MS corrected the application that is published to use the RichText input solution above so that everyone would just get that version and people wouldn't have to dig arouhnd for the solution.


Again, love the sample app, would be good if they invested in just a little more polish.




Hi Gary,


Appreciate the input. We actually have plans to add the rich text editor to this app as the baseline once it makes it's way out of preview. 






Thanks Ian! Appreciate it. 

Mine was never putting anything into OneNote, interestingly. Just an error message saying "Content not yet available. Sorry it looks like this page was added from another computer..." even if it is under 1875 characters. 





Yes, even with the notes being just a few characters, I still get the issue of the content not showing in OneNote with that error.


I have updated to the RichEdit control per the solution here. Everything looks good in the edit view (see Edit View.PNG) where the control anchors correctly to the Group. But when I go actual use the control within Teams, the Group appropriately resizes when I maximize the screen, but the RichText control doesn't (see When Using.PNG). 


I am not sure where to post that bug, but I hope the admins do 🙂


Hi Gary,


The sizing issue is an interesting one. One thing to try (though unsure if this will work) would be to set the width of the RichTextEditor control to NotesBanner.Width. As well, for the height, set it to Parent.Height - NotesInput.Y - 15.


Not entirely sure if that will work as none of the other controls have relatively defined spatial coordinates, yet they're still able to adjust to different frame sizes. All the same, worth a shot.


Nice suggestion, unfortunately it didn't work 😞


Hi @garysu, do you have "Lock aspect ratio" disabled? It is a known issue that the rich text editor does not size correctly when that setting is disabled.


Thanks.  I'm now seeing the same issue - where it doesn't finish writing to onenote.   It creates the page in the notebook - but then hangs on "loading".  I tried waiting - but it's been 24 hours.... 





@tahoon...thanks, that was set to disabled, so enabling that option fixed the layout issue

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