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Helper II
Helper II

Remove item from collection if it matches in OnRemoveFile action



I got a collection of 4 collums that store list ID, Item ID, Name and DataStream. What I am trying to achieve is that I have an attachment control with function OnAddFile:

        Name: Last(DataCardValue127.Attachments).Name,
        DataStream: Image3.Image,
        IDD: CountRows(colFinalData)+1


Code above adds the attatchments to Sharepoint list without any issues but now the hard part (for me) is to remove the from collection if it was removed. Now I need to figure how to compare Collection Item name and the attachment control name 

Resolver II
Resolver II

I think we recently received possibility to add multiple attachments at once. I think your approach wont work when user add more than one attachment to form attachment card. 

in terms of removing items from collection there is some example:

my first collection,
ClearCollect(col1, {NAME: "Adam", ID: 1},{NAME: "Damian", ID: 2}, {NAME: "Piotr" , ID: 3})
my second collection,
ClearCollect(col2, {NAME: "Adam" , ID: 1},{NAME: "Tomasz", ID: 2}, {NAME: "Krzysztof" , ID: 3})

im removing from first collection items with NAME that exist in second collection

RemoveIf(col1, NAME in col2.NAME)

My solution to add multiple attachments work as I am pushing that collection into PowerAutomate flow. I just need a way to remove the item from collection on clicking X that WASN'T added to sharepoint yet

Resolver II
Resolver II

I don't understand why you are creating your file collection this way. Probably it has something with Power Automate and your feature.

my solution is:


Everytime i hit OnAddFile i clear and collect list of my datacrad attachments.
OnAddFile = ClearCollect(col1, DataCardValue13.Attachments)


On remove file i clear and collect second collection, this way i miss item i just deleted.

Then i remove from my first collection items that are not in my second collection.

OnRemoveFile = ClearCollect(col2, DataCardValue13.Attachments); RemoveIf(col1, !(Name in col2.Name))

I assume that first collection is one you are pushing to PowerAutomate.
Hope it will help you achive your goal, if yes thumb up please!

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